About CWB

Hi! I am called as “Clean Web Movement”. I have been seeing that people are too easy-going about web security or software security in general. Its such a mess and shit that has to be cleaned. The change has begun and it will take many years to clean this shit. People are resistant to this movement and also people don’t really fix the security vulnerabilities even after reporting it to them. They are least bothered about the sensitive data being leaked. And this sensitive data is not about them, but common people across the globe. I fucking hate this attitude of people taking humans of this globe for granted.

My intention is purely ethical and I shall do responsible disclosure only when the product owners look like they don’t really care about security vulnerabilities or their users.

If you are with me, I will help you all to fight this menace and someday our children, grandchildren, and all of the humans shall enjoy the clean web.

Thank you!