I am currently in Eastleigh (United Kingdom) and today morning I went to the city center and visited some shops. I wanted to buy a toy for my friend Mr. Thomas who is a brilliant human being at the age of 4. It was an impulsive decision based out of my love for Mr. Thomas (The emperor of future goodness). And I got inside the shop with my wife and my captain Tracy Stevenson to purchase the toy that we saw through the glass. The toy costed 60 GBP and I thought of using the card which was carried by my wife Gina Enache. She handed over the card to me and I punched in the point of sale device.

After punching, I entered the PIN Number and the transaction failed due to the reason “INSUFFICIENT FUNDS”. This was surprising to me that my Kotak Credit Card had sufficient balance before I flew to UK from India. Anyways, as I had cash as well, I could purchase the toy. I was happy, but also I was wondering about the card sufficient funds. Later, we started to walk to a shopping mall and Gina wanted to buy a local SIM card for her phone. Out of curiosity, I wanted to try with the same card again to do the transaction. I punched in the card and before I entered the PIN, I saw that it was a debit card and not a credit card (The same card was used before and transaction failed due to insufficient funds). But, wait! When I did the transaction for the first time in the toy shop, I entered PIN number of my Kotak Credit Card for my Kotak Debit Card and it said, INSUFFICIENT funds (This is true because my debit account had less balance or no balance probably).

Now, my question is: My debit card PIN entered was incorrect (Because I thought its credit card and punched in the wrong PIN) and still I received a message on POS display as “INSUFFICIENT funds”. How does it authenticate to even know “INSUFFICIENT FUNDS” without correct PIN of the card?

The algorithm looks like, “Without a right PIN number, the POS device can get into my account and check the balance?” Creepy!

I think that, the message that I have to receive is “INCORRECT PIN” instead of “INSUFFICIENT FUNDS”.

What are your views?


  1. Somewhat related thing happened with me when I tried online transaction with my credit card and entered wrong Cvv no. It got through 1st time and transaction was done it initially. After 2mins I received a message on mobile, transaction declined.

    1. Thanks for sharing 🙂 That’s really weird. The financial institutions / banks have many functional bugs. I am not sure if its lack of skills by testers or they are outsourced to bigger brand names with no proper skills in testers. Also, this makes me feel skeptical about the code written which may lead to security vulnerabilities. In short, these kinds of incidents make me feel insecure and also be doubtful about banks.

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