Midlands Testers Meetup – The Dark Side of the Web

After a long time, I happened to feel adrenaline rush as a speaker which was exceptional. Yes, I am speaking about Midlands Testers Meetup that happened in Solihull in United Kingdom.

How did I end up in Midlands Testers Meetup?

I was invited to do a Security Testing Workshop at TestBash Brighton. Once the news was out, I got an invite from Midlands Testers Meetup organisers Ranjit and Raji. I had never met these folks before, but knew them through Twitter (social media). I knew that Ranjit was always keen on getting me to UK in order to speak with testers and share my knowledge in testing. Like they say, everything happens at the right time; and the right time happened to be March 2017 🙂 I humbly accepted the invite and then submitted a description of my talk for Midlands Testers Meetup which was requested by Ranjit and Raji to put it on Meetup.com and also advertise to get RSVP.

I also created a poster with the help of my creative designer (Ajay S Menon), and the poster looked like this,

The Day: March 28, 2017 (How did the day start?)

My dearest friend Tracy Stevenson joined me at the meetup and I thank her very much for traveling with me in the train (From Eastleigh to Solihull) and not making me feel lonely. I enjoyed speaking with her on the train with jokes and some interesting topics. We arrived at the Ramada Hotel in the noon and we thought of spending time pampering ourselves at the Top Nail Shop and Kings Barbers (We loved this barber shop in Solihull). We had to be at the venue by 06:15 PM in the Ramada Hotel (Bar). I was hungry after getting a great haircut and a luxury hot towel shave 😉 We ordered some food and then Ranjit, Raji and other testers (participants) joined at the bar. I started to exchange some words with testers and then headed out for quick smoke with Tracy before my talk started. And then my talk starts at 07:00 PM.

Key points of my talk

  • Started my talk by “WOW”ing the participants by doing some live hacking
  • Demonstrated server side hacks
  • Demonstrated usage of security testing tools which mainly included BurpSuite, Mantra Web Browser, nMap and some addons
  • Cracked some jokes in between about security and made the participants laugh
  • Simple versus complex – We did “crack / guess the password exercise”.
  • The feedback by testers was amazing. They loved every bit of my talk and were satisfied.
  • After my talk, the participants wanted to talk more to me and I gave all my time. (I do not feel like having food when testers are around me. I am excited to talk to testers because I can eat food anytime :D)
  • Some of the participants requested for security testing full-day workshop and they were ready to pay (I am thinking about it).
  • Thanks to Ranjit, Raji and Matt (Sponsor) for being so welcoming and sweet.

I wish to do some workshops and speak at Midlands Testers whenever I am in United Kingdom / Solihull.


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